Plays in 2015

New Year’s Day is for summing up. How many plays did I blog-review in 2015? An even ten, though unevenly distributed: three in Feb, none in March, two each in April and May, none over the summer, one each in Oct, Nov, and December. Mostly in New York, but Songs of Lear and Measure were in New Haven.

  1. NYSX’s Titus Andronicus Feb 4
  2. The Winter’s Tale at the Pearl Theater Feb 23
  3. Songs of Lear by Song of the Goat Feb 27
  4. Cry, Trojans by the Wooster Group April 11
  5. Othello by Titan Theater April 27
  6. Two Gents by Fiasco at Tfana May 2
  7. Tis Pity by Red Bull May 6
  8. Midsummer at the Pearl Theater Oct 4
  9. Henry 4 at St Ann’s Nov 14
  10. Measure for Measure by Fiasco Dec 5


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