The Year in Bookfish 2013

Thirty-eight posts, unless I manage to finish my blog-review of Julie Taymor’s Dream later today.

12,700 page-views and 6500 unique visitors. (I still mostly think of this space as me writing to myself!)

Most posts in a month: 5 (January and April). Least: 0 (July).

Most of my posts were recaps of some of the great academic events of the past year: SAA in Toronto, Ecologies of the Inhuman in DC, Elemental Ecocriticism in Tuscaloosa, my first trip to Kzoo, ASLE, Oceanic New York at St. John’s, and most recently Contact Ecologies in DC.

In swimming, I did the 10.2 km Little Red Lighthouse Swim in the Hudson River in September, and my total milage was about 110 miles through mid-October, which is when I trailed off before having surgery for surfer’s ear.¬†That’ll keep me high and dry, alas, for another few months, until March 2014. Not sure what my swimming plans will be in 2014 yet!

I swam 106.59 miles by the end of September, and then didn’t log any more swims in the last quarter, though I did get in the water occasionally in October and early November:

Month Total Distance
Jan 3.47 miles (=6,100 yards, =5,578 meters)
Feb 13.98 miles (=24,600 yards, =22,494 meters)
Mar 21.49 miles (=37,825 yards, =34,587 meters)
Apr 14.06 miles (=24,750 yards, =22,631 meters)
May 10.48 miles (=18,450 yards, =16,871 meters)
Jun 12.32 miles (=21,680 yards, =19,824 meters)
Jul 11.01 miles (=19,380 yards, =17,721 meters)
Aug 5.44 miles (=9,580 yards, =8,760 meters)
Sep 14.33 miles (=25,225 yards, =23,066 meters)
Total 106.59 miles (=187,590 yards, =171,532 meters) 


Another big chunk of my 2013 posts were theater reviews. I didn’t review everything I saw, but did get some good ones: The Suit at BAM, Synectic Tempest in DC, Paul Giamatti’s Hamlet in New Haven, Alan Cumming’s one-man Macbeth on Broadway, the Donmar Warehouse all-female Julius Caesar in Brooklyn.

Some good-looking shows in NYC for early 2014 too: Arin Arbus’s Lear at Tfana’s great new space in Fort Greene (March 14 – May 4), the RSC’s Antony & Cleopatra at the Public Theater (Feb 18 – March 23), another Lear at BAM with Frank Langella (Jan 7 – Feb 9), Branagh’s Macbeth at the Park Ave Armory in June. Plus I’m taking Alinor to see Mark Rylance as Olivia in Twelfth Night on Jan 11!

Overall a ¬†good Bookfishy year. Maybe next year a little more from the Shipwreck book, now (and finally, I think) titled “Shipwreck and the Global Ecology.” And a few more book reviews! Maybe I’ll try to keep a record of the books I read this year. Goodreads?


  1. thanks for this Steve. Didn’t know Branagh was coming to NYC, and since I missed it in the UK it’s fortunate that I’ll be there at the time. Just got a ticket – much appreciate the tip! Let me know if there is anything else good in the early April to early June period. And enjoy Antony & Cleopatra – saw it at the RSC and it was very good.

    • Will you be in NYC for an extended stay in the late spring, Stuart? Let me know if you’d like to get a drink. I didn’t note my European travel plans for summer 2014, which include a month-long Iceland (conference)->France (family vacation)->Stratford-on-Avon (conference) swing from mid-July to mid-August. Maybe I’ll see you then?

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