Prague Seminar

Multitudinous Seas:

The Ocean in the Age of Shakespeare

This page provides information on the World Shakespeare Congress Seminar to be held in Prague on July 19, 2011.

Seminar leaders: Bernhard Klein and Steve Mentz

We have grouped our seven papers, which have been emailed to you, in three groups:

Global Exchange group:Bannerjee, Habib, Traub

Oceanic Encounters group:Badcoe, Shymgol

Watery Borders group:Matthews, Eklund

Please read all these papers before our meeting in Prague.  To launch our conversation, we’d like you each to write a short (one-paragraph) response to each member of your group, which you should email to the authors by June 20 or so, and cc to the seminar leaders.  Also, by July 1 or so, please email to the seminar leaders to possible discussion questions, one for your small group and the other for the seminar as a whole.

ISA Seminar Members with Titles, with paper titles and emails

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